Hearty Breakfast Omelette


There are days when you’re either in a hurry or lazy to prepare anything complicated for breakfast. What to do? Fortunately, for us who live in Asia, there’s always some leftover rice, which you can either re-steam or, better yet, make into your signature fried rice (I like mine with lots of garlic!).

But the main star of this early morning meal is, you will note, the omelette. An honest-to-goodness comfort food, at least for me.

I know it’s not obvious here but just trust me on this one. This golden brown omelette is still moist on the inside, and filled with chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic, and heavenly cheese! (If you’re up to it, instead of salt, use fish sauce instead for seasoning. It gives depth of flavor.) It’s yummy, creamy, filling, and moist! Topped with fresh cracked black pepper and you’re good to go! — B.C. Lee


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