The Sweetest Taboo

Layered dessert with all sorts of sweet things

I seldom have sugar cravings but when I do get one, it’s like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transformation. In a recent foray into the dark witch’s gingerbread realm, I got a bit crazy with this dessert. It was late at night and the only store open was a 7-11 around the corner. So off I went to find my prized ingredients.

Butterscotch-flavored Oreo. Check. Coffee-cinnamon roll. Check. Some cheap semi-hard chocolate chip cookie with low sugar (yeah, right!). Check. A cup of cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream. Double-check. A small pack of chocolate-coated M & M’s Hallelujah! Oh, I still have some peanut butter left in my pantry. It would be hypocrisy to ignore that one.

With my precioussssss, I slinked back to my flat and did the deed in no time.

First off, I layered the first coffee-cinnamon roll at the bottom of the glass. Then I spread a thickish layer of peanut butter on top of that. Then a same layer of ice cream. Then the second roll. Then a thin layer of peanut butter and ice cream. Now for the crunch, some crumbled chocolate chip cookies on top of all that and the remaining ice cream. The butterscotch Oreo, crushed roughly covered that creamy bed. And finally, the crunchy M&Ms.

Chill in the fridge for a few minutes. With spoon in hand, I scooped deeply and had a mouthful. It was heavenly!

[POSTSCRIPT: Since this very sinful sweet treat is so rich, the whole thing is best shared. One spoonful is really enough to finally crush that one heck of a sugar craving.] — B.C. Lee


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