Craving for Liver!


It’s always amazing how the body tells you exactly what it needs and last week, I had a vampiric-like craving for liver. Cooked, of course! I’m just recovering from a two-week bout of inflamed cranial nerve (I’m trying not to make it sound too bad) and so I’m guessing you now know where the yearning for the funky-textured, oh-so-delicious pork liver was coming from. That’s right, my body was in need of high doses of Vitamin B12, among other nutrients! (Well, okay, high cholesterol is not a nutrient, but I digress.) According to, a “3-ounce serving of pork liver contains 15.9 micrograms of Vitamin B12, or 266 percent of the daily value”. As you know, B12 vitamins are great for damaged or weak nerves!

So off to the grocery I went and purchased 500 grams of pork liver. In my mind, I’d recreate my mom’s homecooked pork liver steak with some twist. As I don’t really follow exact recipe measurements as I am the type of person who goes by the five senses when cooking and slowly building on the flavors, I won’t be very specific here, sorry. Food, like the fine arts, is quite subjective. Anyhow, here’s what I had:


Pork liver (sliced)

Lemon or lime juice

Soy sauce

Garlic (minced)

Onion (sliced)

Bascially, what you just need to do is to mix the lemon juice, soy sauce and garlic and pour over the liver as a marinade. Leave for about an hour in the refrigerator. A word about the liquid ingredients: Some people prefer it less tangy, while some want it balanced. Up to you, really.

Since I needed healthier stuff, I decided to add the ginger and turmeric powder twist (both have high anti-inflammatory properties… my inflamed nerve, remember?). Don’t put too much or you’ll be getting a very earthy flavor.

Tip: If you overdo the turmeric twist, you can save the dish by adding a spoonful or two of oyster sauce, to sweeten it and round out the taste somewhat.


Heat up a pan by putting some olive oil. You can add a dab of butter too for more flavor. Once it’s nicely heated, go get your liver and just pour everything on the pan. Or, if you’re the meticulous type, you can fry the liver slices first but you have to be fast because an overcooked liver is like eating stones.

Make sure that you only cook the liver about 2-3 minutes (especially if they’re thinly sliced). Don’t forget to add the onions halfway through. Turn off the heat, cover and let the heat continue to cook the meat. What you’ll get is a very tender, lip-smacking, flavorful dish. Try to put raw minced garlic towards the end for a pungent aroma. Besides, raw garlic is good for you!

Serve hot over a steaming plate of rice. Sprinkle chopped parsley or cilantro and your inflamed nerves will stop complaining. —B.C. Lee



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