Sugar, Oh Honey, Honey…Make Sugarsnap Peas Salad in a Jiffy

Sugar snap peas salad

“…You are my candy girl and you got me wanting you…” This salad always makes me sing to that popular ’60s tune, I don’t know why. Like my other favorite vegetable, the long bean, I also tend to eat sugar snap peas raw… or at least blanched. I love them more than snow peas. Crunchy, juicy, sweet with a touch of earthiness, these bright green pod fruits give you a burst of flavors once you bite into them. Nutrients-wise, well, it’s packed with Vitamin C (be gone free radicals!), folic acid (good for expecting moms and their babies), Vitamin K (good for the bones), Vitamin A (the better to see you with!), and so much more. As this is not a health blog, you’d be better off Googling this instead. Let’s go back to our main topic, shall we?

On lazy days when you’re not really craving for uber-rich foods, you can always turn to these little plump, green ‘giants’ for solace. Here’s what I usually do with these super edibles:


Sugar snap peas, blanched

Tomatoes, cubed

Garlic, minced

Cashew nuts (or whatever you prefer for texture and crunch)

Feta cheese

Fresh dill

Black olives (optional)

Pepinillos (the bottled kind)

Salt and pepper to taste

1:1 Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar


Mix well. Serve chilled.

You want to make it fancy? Top it with shredded prosciutto or thinly sliced Schwarzwälder Schinken (Black Forest Ham). Smoked salmon or gravlax are great too but could be a tad rich for this refreshing salad.

Tip: As always, don’t hold back. Get crazy and creative with your ingredients. If you want to put jalapenos, go dump it all in! If you want to put all your favorite cheeses there, go ahead! If you can afford caviar, well, it’s your wallet anyway. The only thing I won’t recommend would be to put bitter gourd there unless, of course, you have such quirky taste. — B.C. Lee




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