Tortilla Wrap Recipe for Vegetarians and Meat Eaters

Tortilla wrap

The Wild Kitchen Rhythm recently experimented with store-bought “Green Veggie” tortilla wraps and tried some new combinations for ingredients. Here’s what happened…

Tortilla wraps are one of the most flexible ingredients that you can have in your kitchen.  It’s healthy too as studies have shown it has powerful anti-oxidants, high in calcium, good for the heart and can aid in weight loss, especially those made from wheat.

This recipe calls for both ingredients made from scratch and ingredients that I have no choice but to buy from the store. Vegetarians will delight in the fact that this dish has a good vegetable base while meat eaters will be happy to know that they can always add any protein of their choice, if they so prefer.

Here are the things that I couldn’t make from scratch and are store-bought:

Tortilla wraps
Plain, natural yogurt
Avocado dip (I would’ve preferred fresh but it’s not in season yet in my part of the world)
Black Forest ham(usually labeled Schwarzwälder Schinken)

Vegetarian filling
The filling that I created from scratch:

Raw bean sprouts
Ripe tomatoes
Spring onion
Salt and pepper
Lemon juice
Ripe mango, sliced

Note: This mix can be a bit herb-y for some so the ripe mangoes provide a perfect sweet contrast.

Other ingredients you can throw into the mix, if you prefer:

Bell pepper
Couscous, cooked
Quinoa, cooked
Green beans, either raw or blanched
Red/Kidney beans (cooked, of course)

For vegetarians and vegans, all you need to do is to toss all the raw vegetables and herbs, season with salt and pepper, add in the lemon juice (not too much as you don’t want it to overpower the dish).

Heat the wrap in a pan or in a toaster. Once it’s nicely warm, place onto a plate. You can line it with any lettuce of your choice. Add in the filling and some sliced ripe mangoes. Add a generous amount of avocado dip and yogurt. Roll it up and enjoy.

Tortilla wrap with meat
For meat eaters, do the same procedure as described above but you can also add grated cheese (goat cheese or crumbled feta is great) and the ham (or any other meat you prefer).

Tip: For a more pungent flavor, add minced raw garlic to the yogurt and you’ll get a zing when you bite into your yogurt-filled wrap.



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