3 Easy Steps to a Light Snack

Yogurt with dried fruits

You’re having a lazy day or weekend and you can’t just bring yourself to do some complicated cooking. What to do? Well, you either buy yourself food from the nearest restaurant or see what’s in your fridge or pantry. When I’m not particularly hungry, I’d often opt for my “old reliables” — plain yogurt, dried fruits, nuts, and raw honey. I always have them in my refrigerator because they’re easy to do and they taste great. If you have all the ingredients in hand, it takes less than a minute or two to prepare: Step 1: Pour yogurt into a bowl; Step 2: Top with dried fruits; Step 3: Add honey.

For dried fruits, I love a mixture of raisins and sultanas, sun-dried tomatoes, and sun-dried dates (I also have the glazed ones but I use them sparingly). I like roasted cashew nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. While I’d love to have almonds, macadamia and pistachios, these are a bit expensive where I live. Raw, organic honey is ideal and I sometimes use dark molasses (if you can take the bitterness of blackstrap molasses, then that’s OK too).

A jar of mixed dried fruits

Making them is easy that, in the past, I let my then 4-year-old niece do it for me (I had to stop her from pouring too much honey on the bowl though). What she’d do is put about a cup of plain yogurt in a bowl, drop her favorite — raisins — and dribble honey on top. Presto, an instant pick-me-up snack!

The images you see on this page are just two variations of my favorite light snack. One has glazed dates, sultanas, sun-dried tomatoes and cashew nuts (I always stock these in a glass jar), while the other one has sun-dried dates, some local, wild berries, bananas  and drizzled with a spoonful of honey. The sweet-sour taste of the whole dish goes well with some strong-flavored cheese on the side. Paired with either fresh juice or a hot cup of green tea and you’re good to go.

yogurt snack_w



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