The Ordinary Salted Egg Salad Gets a Refreshing Upgrade

Salted egg salad with mint leavesMint! That’s the one ingredient! End of story. Nah, let me explain something a bit so you get the whole picture.

Traditionally, at least in our family, the ingredients for salted egg salad would just be salted egg (of course) and tomatoes with some black pepper. At times, we would add onion, garlic, coriander and a dash of either lemon juice or vinegar to lift up the taste somewhat. Since mint is not readily available in stores back home, you don’t really see this as part of the typical salted egg salad dish. Best eaten chilled, salted egg salad is often a side dish for when we have fried or grilled fish, or basically any meat-based dry dish. It’s also a meal in itself and tastes great with a steaming plate of rice.

Salted egg with tomatoes1_maalatIt was about a few weeks ago when, during a rainy weekend foray in the morning market in the neighborhood, I bought a bunch of mint leaves on a whim, without knowing what I’d do with them. At first, I thought I’d make some mint tea but changed my mind later on.

It was only later that day when I espied the remaining salted egg in the refrigerator and I thought I’d make some salted egg salad the traditional way. Once done, the mint leaves sitting prettily in a glass of water on the dining table caught my eye. Since I didn’t have coriander at the time, I just thought, “Hey, why not?” So I chopped the leaves, sprinkled them all over the dish, and voila!

4_maalatI’m sure others have already done this. But to be able to try it on your own and savor the refreshing flavors are a different, very personal experience.

Here’s more or less what the recipe consists of:


1 pc. salted egg, mashed roughly

tomatoes, chopped (as many as you like)

1 medium-sized onion, chopped

green bell pepper (for added crunch)

a dash or two of lemon juice (or some prefer white vinegar)

mint leaves


Mix all the ingredients. You want the egg to blend well with the tomatoes. Try not to overwhelm the whole dish with the minty flavor. Taste as you go along. Serve chilled on rice. You can eat this with toast too. It’s similar to a bruschetta sans the cheese. After this, I don’t think I’ll be able to eat salted egg salad without the mint. It took me a long time to stumble upon this perfect pairing but, hey, it’s better late than never. Happy eating!

Salted egg salad with mint leaves


2 thoughts on “The Ordinary Salted Egg Salad Gets a Refreshing Upgrade

    • It’s a burst of flavors really. You have salty, sweet, a hint of sweetness from the tomatoes, sour, peppery, spicy and of course, minty 🙂 I hope you get to try it in the Philippines Stefan! Thanks!


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