Getting Creative with Cheese/Charcuterie Boards


I love creating cheese/charcuterie boards! For most of my adult life, I have created numerous variations of this sumptuous plate filled with all complementing flavors imaginable — sweet, acidic, bitter, salty, spicy and all combinations in between.
While you read many articles detailing certain ‘rules’ on how to create these splendid spreads, with many of them rigidly separating the two (a cheese board is for cheese and a charcuterie board is only for cold cuts), which makes a lot of sense too. However, it’s always fun to blur the lines between these two and what you get is an extremely palatable ‘party’ going on in one board.

Some of the boards I’ve made from scratch included several ingredients ranging from cheeses to cold cuts, to pickled onions and vegetables to fruit jams and liver pâté; fresh fruits and so much more. And if I’m feeling generous, I’d add slices of smoked fish in there as well, e.g. salmon. No charcuterie board is ever the same and I don’t think no one can claim that his or her board is better than the other as it’s all a matter of personal taste and preference. To each his own, as they say.

It’s always a pleasure creating a board from scratch. It doesn’t always have to be as extravagant as described above; sometimes it’s just a simple board with one or two cheeses, bread and one type of cold cut. One important thing to consider? To make it as colorful as possible. You must whet the appetite at first sight.

Here are a few of the cheese/charcuterie boards I’ve created for friends or for personal consumption for the last 10 years or so (yes, it’s been that long). bon appétit!


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