Getting Creative with Cheese/Charcuterie Boards


I love creating cheese/charcuterie boards! For most of my adult life, I have created numerous variations of this sumptuous plate filled with all complementing flavors imaginable — sweet, acidic, bitter, salty, spicy and all combinations in between. Continue reading

Tokyo Delights


After sharing my nine-year love affair with Lao food musings, let me now turn to Tokyo’s delightful, tasty tidbits. Despite visiting mainly for work-related matters, the trip didn’t stop me from donning on my foodie hat. Once a foodie, always a foodie, or so they say. Continue reading

Savory Side Dish and/or Dip for Yogurt Lovers

Yogurt with tomatoes

I love yogurt — plain yogurt, that is. Here in the Land of Smiles, I buy either the thick and creamy Greek-style yogurt or the ‘lighter’ version named Yolida. Continue reading

Food for Thought


Let’s take a break from our food porn entries and let me repost from a very old food blog I once had. There are still recipes here and there that you might find interesting, but most are heartfelt musings from long ago that still holds true until now. Continue reading

Malunggay (Moringa) Memories

IMG_8169 As have been my routine, I would check out the neighborhood morning market every Sunday to see what surprises await me. Continue reading

The Ordinary Salted Egg Salad Gets a Refreshing Upgrade

Salted egg salad with mint leavesMint! That’s the one ingredient! End of story. Nah, let me explain something a bit so you get the whole picture.

Continue reading

My Nine-Year Love Affair with Lao Food

Larb Moo

Just got back a couple of days ago from yet another trip to Vientiane (and Naxaithong) — work-related — and it just feels so wrong not to feature these gustatory treats — Continue reading

Baby Cabbages and Straw Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce

Baby cabbages with mushrooms

If it weren’t for the freaky weather that resulted in a heavy downpour last Sunday morning, I wouldn’t have ended up with this delicious, nutritious dish. Continue reading

Dulong in Olive Oil and ‘Honey Vodka’


The recipe called for white wine. I only had some Smirnoff honey vodka at the time. Should I or should I not? Finally, I thought, “Why not?”. Continue reading

Grapes and Tomatoes Salad with Fruit Jam Vinaigrette

Homemade Fruit Jam Vinaigrette

You know it’s time for another salad recipe when, after the holidays, you’re left with leftover this and leftover that. Continue reading